Side Hustle: Curious cat paid surveys app

curious cat paid surveys app website

I’ve already spoken before about making money through online survey sites before. Its easy to do and it can replace little bits of time that you would spend randomly browsing on twitter, instagram or facebook. There are SO many survey sites and apps out there though and it can be hard to find ones that you like.

I’ve seen over the past few months more and more people talking about the App Curious Cat. I decided to give it a try for a couple of days and see what I thought. I’ve used the app roughly 30 minutes a day for the past three days and I’ve made £2.44. That’s roughly 81p a day, now that may not seem a lot but if I was to keep filling surveys in for that amount of time for a year that would make me £296.86! For me that’s a car payment, holiday deposit or a little more breathing space when it comes to credit card pay off.

The app itself is pretty straightforward. Its a simple design where available surveys pop up and you click on them to complete. When you click on them it will tell you roughly how long the survey will take which I quite like but I will say its not entirely accurate but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they will improve this over time.

Things that I’ve really liked about the App is:

  • 1 point = 1p. A few of the survey sites that I have tried have been thousands of points for a £5 or £10 gift card. Its nice and straightforward for you to see how much you are making from completing the surveys. The surveys aren’t high paid ones but little and often builds up over time.
  • The cash out threshold is really low, once you’ve got 100 points/£1 you can directly send it to your pay pal account. As I mentioned I’ve made £2.44 after completing about an hour and a half’s worth of surveys and in that time I wasnt massively focused on them so I’m sure you could get to £1 quicker than that.
  • If you start a survey and you aren’t the demographic they are looking for you are still rewarded 1p for starting the task – I really like this because sometimes you’ll start a survey and do a few questions and are booted out. Its nice to make a little something from it still and I’ve made a few pennies out of it!

I’m going to keep the app and keep playing around with it. I also still use Qmee which I reviewed recently. I’m thinking that I’ll maybe do a monthly report of what I make from them – Is that something you would be interested in seeing? Do you have thoughts on Curious cat? Whats your favourite survey site to use right now? Let me know in the comments!

Please note: I am aware that curious cat is doing paid sponsorship posts with bloggers right now. This review was not paid for or by endorsed by them, its 100% my own opinion.


Blogging 101: 5 types of personal finance bloggers that you’ll find online

I mentioned in the first post on pounds from pennies that I had created this little space on the internet to document my journey in learning about the world of personal finance. I did this because before this little place came to be I tried to find blogs from people who were in my specific circumstances aka had spent all their extra money on holidays and hadn’t really thought that much about personal finances before.

I came up empty handed – If there is anyone out there reading this who feels me then please give me a comment to check out your blog! There are some fantastic money bloggers out there though and I’ve managed to take away from them what I can and what is relevant to me. I noticed more and more the different niches of personal finance blogging and here are the most common ones that I found. 

#1 – The penny saving mum’s

These ladies can hustle and have monthly budgeting down to a fine art. There are so many incredible ladies out there making sure that they get the most out of their money. I’ve definitely taken away from reading their blogs that there’s always a bargain to be found somewhere and if you’re stuck they can usually show you where to find it.

#2 – The investment guru’s

I’m not going to lie as I’m just starting to dip my toes in the water of personal finance a lot of this went right over my head. There is so many blogs out there giving you advice on how to invest the money you have saved and some get real technical. I need to save some money first before I read them again!

#3 – The FIRE enthusiasts

What is FIRE you ask? its a term meaning ‘Financial Independence – Retire Early’ and there’s so many people aiming for it. Some are aiming for financial independence from their mortgage and others are striving for that and enough money so that they can quit their job if and when they want to. I think after reading about this that I am interested in making it my long term goal. I’m a long way off but I like the thought of working because I want to not because I have to.

The only bit of confusion I had from finding FIRE bloggers was that they often went on about having large sums of debt. Yes I’m aware that a mortgage is considered a debt and you’re paying it up but I guess when I’ve thought of a mortgage before its something you just pay. Looking at it as a debt rather than a standard monthly outgoing that you have is a great motivator to pay it off though. (says the hypocrite who still stays with her parents!)

#4 – The students

What I’ve found with most student bloggers who are talking about paying off their student loans and getting smart about personal finance is that they are a bit of a mix of the three categories that I’ve mentioned above. Millenials who are just out of university are more knowledgeable about personal finance and investments and the ones blogging about it have a plan for their money – they also know how to live well on a budget. I left full time education 9 years ago and when I was a student we were never taught about anything to do with personal finance – most of the time it was a battle to get funding and loans explained so its nice to see that people are getting shown a good approach to their finances earlier – I just wish it had been me!

#5 – The overnight successes

This is the only category of personal finance blogger that I haven’t felt good about. All the other niches are great in their own ways and this would be too..if it was real. There are so many bloggers, instagrammers, YouTubers and pinterest accounts claiming ‘I made £10,000 overnight whilst sleeping- you can too!’ and once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. There’s no denying that there’s money to be made in affiliate marketing and I’m sure that some people have gotten genuine success from it but whenever I see a statement like that now I go the opposite way. It’s generally a ploy to get you to click their affiliate links to make them money – not show you how to make it!

What other personal finance blog niches have you spotted? Let me know in the comments!

Side hustle: Qmee paid surveys and search tool

What is Qmee?

Qmee is an online/mobile survey site where you can complete surveys for money. It also has an add on browser feature that you can add to your computer where you can make money from your day to day searching by clicking on their recommended links. 

I have tried and used a few different survey sites including SwagBucks and Curious cat. I’ve had mixed results from them but decided after reading a couple posts about Qmee to give it a try. 

Is it worth my time?

Qmee or any other survey site wont make you a millionaire over night but if you have some spare time and want to complete a survey in it you will make a little that over the long run will add up. When I’m sitting watching netflix or waiting for dinner to finish cooking I’ve started completing surveys rather than browsing facebook. Most are pretty straightforward to complete and its always a nice feeling seeing my little piggybank go up. 

In the first week I made a total of £5.42 Most of what I made came from surveys and If I’m honest I wasn’t completing surveys every day. It all adds up and if I casually fill in surveys like I was doing for a year I’d make £281.44. I’m sure that this could be much higher if you were regularly checking and completing surveys but even if you were being a casual survey taker like myself its a nice little addition to a christmas or holiday budget. 

Unlike a lot of survey sites you can redeem your money from Qmee instantly to your paypal. I haven’t. Instead I’ve kept it in my account and will grow it to something a little more significant.

Will I keep using it?

Definitely. I’m not saying I’ll religiously use it but its a handy little app to kill some time and its a good platform for surveys. I’m also keeping the browser attachment installed. Again I don’t think i’ll be able to retire off my search terms any time soon but if I gain a little money from searching for something that I would be searching for anyway I really cant complain.

Do you use Qmee or any other survey sites? How do you feel about completing surveys for money? Let me know in the comments down below.