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What is ‘Pounds from pennies’?

Pounds from pennies is a blog dedicated to showing people how to get out of debt, save for what they want in life and how to be more mindful of their spending whilst I share my own journey through all of these things.

Pounds from pennies does not offer advice on how to get rid of debt or save for a mortgage overnight. It’s about making small changes in your life that adds up to getting the bigger things that you want in your life.

How did this site begin?

It all started when I was on week four out of five on a five week month pay and I had £30 left in my bank account with no savings behind me, considerable credit card debt and living with my parents. It finally hit me that I needed to step up and be an adult with money. I was tired of living for pay day and knew I had to make positive changes to the way I acted around money.

Being of the internet generation I looked to google, blogs and other sites for information on how to make more money, pay my debt off and save for the things I wanted. I soon found that a lot of the sites and information available were silly schemes, success stories that resembled something out of a fairy tale or over complicated for someone who didn’t know that much relating to money. I wanted information and advice that was relevant to me and to find somewhere on the internet where normal people in normal circumstances were saying ‘look I’ve been there and this is how I fixed it’ with realistic solutions.

So pounds from pennies was born. If you’re reading this I hope you take a look into my journey of getting debt free with my debt diaries, learn about how to make more money or how to save money and maybe find some tools for saving that I’ve found helpful along the way.