2019: A year in review

It’s been a year since I decided that I wanted to get serious about making changes to my finances. I started this blog as a way to keep myself motivated/accountable and to share any lessons I learned along the way.

So what’s been going on in 2019?

This year my finances have had a similar run as this blog. I’ve at times been motivated and made some progress and then other times it’s been the farthest thing from my mind. Even when I’ve been a bad blogger I have been making some progress though. So what have I learned and accomplished this year?

  • You can have the best written budget in the world but it only works if you follow it. I learned this massively this year. I had structured my year so that I would be completely debt free by the end of the year but I didn’t take into account that doing a complete 360 on my budget would mean I mentally had to change the way I thought about my money and how I spent it. It’s taking time but I’m getting more consistent in following my budget and having a healthy relationship with money.
  • Saying goodbye to debt is a GREAT feeling. Although I didn’t say goodbye to it all I managed to pay off one of my credit cards and it was genuinely such a good feeling. I’m working towards getting the rest of it paid off hopefully by the end of 2020.
  • It’s never too late to fix your financial mistakes. This year I swapped cars from a PCP deal to a hire purchase agreement. Although PCP works for some it wasn’t a savvy move for me financially and now when I’ve paid the car ive for now off I can hopefully have some time with no car payments to focus on saving a house deposit.
  • If it feels too much then talk to someone. Theres been more than once this year where I’ve felt overwhelmed and you know what? It’s okay to be overwhelmed by it’s not okay to keep it in. Whether it be to your friends and family, to people online or a support service let it out and get the helping hand or advice that you need. Telling my friends why I wasn’t going out as much and what my goals were made it so much easier to stay on track and keep a healthy mindset about everything.

So what’s the plan for 2020?

The plan is to build from the progress I’ve already made. I came in guns blazing last year but when it comes to it really slow and steady wins the race. I should’ve knew this after naming the blog pounds from pennies but it never really truly came into focus until I started.

Blog wise I’m going to start posting more. I’ve got some ideas that have been floating around my head for a little while and I really would like this space on the internet to be a resource for people who are looking at making changes to their finances but don’t know where to start. If you’re reading this and have anything specific you would like to see then please drop me a little comment.

Aside from that happy 2020 everyone. I hope it’s a year and a decade where you can achieve everything that you want to.