9 ways to make money online


Whether it be a couple of pounds to put towards something special or a full new income stream you are looking to start there are so many ways to make money online. I’ve only recently started looking at different ways to make money online and I’ve been researching some short term and long term ways that I would like to try or have begun to delve into. 

1. Selling on eBay/online marketplaces

This is a pretty self explanatory one and one of my favourites. For such a long time I was a clothes hoarder. I’d keep dresses I knew I’d never wear (or probably fit into) again and some were expensive and only worn once. I’ve gotten into the habit now that the minute I know I won’t wear it again it gets popped up on eBay.

2. Take online surveys

I’ve written before about my experience with survey sites. I continue to complete surveys on my favourite survey apps in my spare time and it’s a nice way to earn a little spare change here and there. It won’t make millions for you but it’s a nice little rainy day fund from time that you’d spend browsing Facebook, Twitter or your social media poison of choice. There’s loads of different survey sites out there too, if the first one doesn’t fit then try another until you find a platform that you like. My current two favorites are Qmee and curious cat.

3. Sell your skills

Using sites like upwork and Fiverr you can advertise yourself for freelance work that you can do from home. If you make music, are good with social media or are a bad hand at photoshop or graphic design there is loads of work available. This is something that I haven’t really dabbled in yet but I’m hoping in the future to advertise logo and branding for blogs.

4. Turn your hobby into a business

I’m a keen crafter and rather than have a massive pile of crafts cluttering my house I sell them on when I’m done with them. So many people love hand made and personalised gifts. Starting a shop on Etsy for your little creative projects will give you satisfaction that others are enjoying your creations and giving you some extra pennies in the bank.

5. Affiliate marketing

There’s so many ways to tackle the beast that is affiliate marketing and some great how -to’s out there (I’m currently working on my own). Affiliate marketing is essentially sharing links to products and if/when people purchase the item you get paid a small share of the sale.

6. Start a blog

Now this isn’t an easy one, I can say that for sure! There is a lot of hard work that goes on maintaining a blog but there are many ways you can make money from blogging. You can earn from affiliate marketing, adverts and sponsored posts. To have a professional blog that you can monetise will take some money and time initially but it can become a nice way of passive income if done right.

7. Matched betting

This is another one that I’ve seen a lot of places online but I’ve never tried. It’s something that I would like to try and probably eventually will. It’s utilizing betting sites free bet offers whilst placing a bet elsewhere for the same amount but for the different outcome. There’s so many different how-to’s out there explaining where to get started.

8. Become a YouTuber

This is a high earner for a lot of people these days. Whether it be tutorials and how to’s or sharing your life. This is a massive asset to anyone who wants to be a social media influncer. If you have something to share and think people want to hear or see it then this could be right up your street.

9. Write an eBook

Do you have a story to tell but don’t fancy being on video? if you have an interest in writing then there’s opportunities out there to self publish your own eBook. Again this is something that wont instantly make you money overnight but its something that could definitely become a revenue stream for some passive income.

Whats your favourite ways to make money online? have you tried any of these? let me know in the comments!

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