Budget planning on the go: Fudget Budget Mobile app

When I was first organizing my budget I don’t know how many times I wrote one out in a note book – worked out my outgoings and income and painfully done the math over and over trying to work out what I could section off into my spending and saving for the month.

For some people writing out a budget is a positive experience and admittedly I do like a written one once I have it worked out as I can check off when bills have been paid and it’s a good reference to look back on However as my income varies month to month it means my monthly budget also changes.

I downloaded the fudget app to see if it would help with organizing my finances and its became a staple tool for me to organize my budget and my savings. I have three main purposes for using the app:

  • Working out my monthly budget. I have all my regular bills and payments that I need to make already worked out in the budget and I change my income section when I get my payslip to see what I am going to get paid that month. I am then left with the amount of money that I will have for the month to distribute into a weekly budget, my savings and any events or other purchases that I need to section money off for.
  • Keeping track of my side hustles. When I make any money from eBay, surveys or anything else that I’ve been side hustling I add it into my monthly side hustle sheet. I like to set myself a goal each month of how much extra I’d like to make and this helps me keep track of how much I’ve made and how much more I need to hit my target.
  • Keeping track of my holiday budget. Right now I have my New York & New Orleans budget set up in the fudget app. When I booked the holiday I put the holiday amount and the deposit I paid. I then sectioned off all the different months that I had until the final payment date and worked out the amount I had to pay each month. Since then I have adjusted the monthly payments when I’ve paid more than what I had initially set out so that I can see what is still left to pay.

Overall the app itself is easy to use and it takes the excuses away for not setting out a budget. It takes the time and effort away from working it all out. There is a pro version of the app but I’ve never felt the need for it as the free version works perfectly. I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for a tool to plan their budget and have a paperless budget on them wherever they go for reference.

Have you used the fudget app or another budget app? Whats your favourite way to work out your budget? let me know in the comments!

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