Side Hustle: Curious cat paid surveys app

curious cat paid surveys app website

I’ve already spoken before about making money through online survey sites before. Its easy to do and it can replace little bits of time that you would spend randomly browsing on twitter, instagram or facebook. There are SO many survey sites and apps out there though and it can be hard to find ones that you like.

I’ve seen over the past few months more and more people talking about the App Curious Cat. I decided to give it a try for a couple of days and see what I thought. I’ve used the app roughly 30 minutes a day for the past three days and I’ve made £2.44. That’s roughly 81p a day, now that may not seem a lot but if I was to keep filling surveys in for that amount of time for a year that would make me £296.86! For me that’s a car payment, holiday deposit or a little more breathing space when it comes to credit card pay off.

The app itself is pretty straightforward. Its a simple design where available surveys pop up and you click on them to complete. When you click on them it will tell you roughly how long the survey will take which I quite like but I will say its not entirely accurate but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they will improve this over time.

Things that I’ve really liked about the App is:

  • 1 point = 1p. A few of the survey sites that I have tried have been thousands of points for a £5 or £10 gift card. Its nice and straightforward for you to see how much you are making from completing the surveys. The surveys aren’t high paid ones but little and often builds up over time.
  • The cash out threshold is really low, once you’ve got 100 points/£1 you can directly send it to your pay pal account. As I mentioned I’ve made £2.44 after completing about an hour and a half’s worth of surveys and in that time I wasnt massively focused on them so I’m sure you could get to £1 quicker than that.
  • If you start a survey and you aren’t the demographic they are looking for you are still rewarded 1p for starting the task – I really like this because sometimes you’ll start a survey and do a few questions and are booted out. Its nice to make a little something from it still and I’ve made a few pennies out of it!

I’m going to keep the app and keep playing around with it. I also still use Qmee which I reviewed recently. I’m thinking that I’ll maybe do a monthly report of what I make from them – Is that something you would be interested in seeing? Do you have thoughts on Curious cat? Whats your favourite survey site to use right now? Let me know in the comments!

Please note: I am aware that curious cat is doing paid sponsorship posts with bloggers right now. This review was not paid for or by endorsed by them, its 100% my own opinion.

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