Life Admin: Changes I’m making in 2019

The start of the year is great to evaluate your life and decide on the changes that you want to make this year. I spoke about this in yesterdays post ‘my personal finance goals for 2018‘. I spoke about my monthly budget and how I plan on utilizing it so that I can save money and get my finances in order.

I have a couple of things that I am going to change within my budget so that I can save more money and are due for a little reshuffle. Some of these are going to take a little time to change and I’m hoping to have them done by June so that I can really get my saving on for the rest of the year.

Changing my car

I’ve been talking about doing this for a little while now. About two years ago I got a call from the dealership that I had bought my car from saying ‘oh did you know that you could have a brand new car for the same amount you’re paying for the car you have now?’ and I jumped at the deal.

By doing this I swapped from paying a car on finance over four years to a PCP deal. This meant I got a brand new car and I essentially lease it for 3-4 years and then either hand the car back at the end and start a new agreement or buy the car with the outstanding balance. I wont be able to afford the outstanding balance, I think its close to £15,000 and my car payment is £300 a month. I chose a car that was my dream car (a convertible mini cooper) but I don’t actually drive that often. My almost three year old car has only 8,000 miles on it!

I’ve loved having my little car the past couple years but I must admit I wish I had kept my old one as it would have been paid off by now and I wouldn’t have to worry about a monthly car payment! PCP is a good deal if you have the budget for it but right now I’d rather focus on saving money for a house deposit and get rid of my credit cards. I’m going to hand in my car once it has had its MOT in April and put a deposit down on a cheaper car on finance with a monthly payment of around £150 meaning that I’ll save about £150 a month – I’ll put this directly into my savings and once I have my credit cards paid off I’m going to try and pay the car off early.

Switch to sim-only

I’ve had my phone contract nearly two years and its due for renewal soon. Within the two years the price of my contract has went up from £55 to £71. I have a high data allowance and unlimited calls and texts and I like having the peace of mind that I never have to pay for extra as I never go over my limits but my contract is still so high. I like the phone that I currently have and its in perfect condition so I’m going to swap to sim only when my contract is finished so that I am paying for my plan and not a new phone which will hopefully save me some money.

Clearing out my closet

Even though I do sell some things on eBay I am a clothes hoarder. In the past I’ve generally just sold things on eBay when I know that I’m going to be a little tight with money that month. I have wedding outfits from three years ago that I’m never going to wear (or probably fit into) again. I’m going to have a purge this weekend of everything that I know I don’t need no matter how much it pains me to part with some dresses, I’ll still have the memories of wearing them without them taking up space in my cupboard.

What life admin are you taking part in 2019?

8 thoughts on “Life Admin: Changes I’m making in 2019

  1. Kayla Jayne says:

    I love the term ‘life admin’ and you’re making some really good choices here! I’m looking to sell my car this year as my OH has a car sitting on the drive 5 out of 7 days a week – he drives a van for work. So there’s really no need for us to fork out for two cars every month!

    Happy new year! ☺️


  2. Claire says:

    Those sound like excellent plans! I have to say, I hate getting phone contracts where you pay for the phone as well, they’re such a rip off. I got a bargain sim-only deal in November 17, because I’d had to buy a new handset earlier in the year and used savings to actually get a decent one! It’s lasted so much better, and I went from £35 a month to £10!

    We’ve been researching lease hire on cars too. Ours is my parents’ old one which they gave us when they upgraded because they couldn’t really get anything for it, and it’s been grand but it’s starting to wear a little thin now. Bits brealing everywhere. My friend gets a very good deal for her VW hatchback apparently so we might look into that!

    Good luck with your savings!!


    • Morgan Elizabeth says:

      Ooh you got a really good deal!

      I’d definitely look into the different types of deals you can get when taking a lease out on the car to see if it’s yours at the end or if you’re signing up to essentially rent a car. Because I want to own a car now so I can have a few years without paying one the drawback of having had a PCP car is I don’t have anything to trade in or use towards a deposit. It’s great to have a new car as you don’t have to worry about breaking down etc but PCP definitely has its drawbacks if you no longer want to pay for a car every single month!



  3. John Aiwone says:

    My life admin (or DIY) is getting a shoe rack to give all my shoes their own space, passing my driving test (booked for next month) and owning a car too. Those are the first that come to my mind now. I did lot of DIY towards the back end of last year such as painting my room for the first time so along with my 2019 resolutions I’m keen on carrying that on into this year.

    Happy New Year and all the best with changing your car and your 2019 life admin.

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures


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