Side hustle: Qmee paid surveys and search tool

What is Qmee?

Qmee is an online/mobile survey site where you can complete surveys for money. It also has an add on browser feature that you can add to your computer where you can make money from your day to day searching by clicking on their recommended links.

I have tried and used a few different survey sites including SwagBucks and Curious cat. I’ve had mixed results from them but decided after reading a couple posts about Qmee to give it a try.

Is it worth my time?

Qmee or any other survey site wont make you a millionaire over night but if you have some spare time and want to complete a survey in it you will make a little that over the long run will add up. When I’m sitting watching netflix or waiting for dinner to finish cooking I’ve started completing surveys rather than browsing facebook. Most are pretty straightforward to complete and its always a nice feeling seeing my little piggybank go up.

In the first week I made a total of £5.42 Most of what I made came from surveys and If I’m honest I wasn’t completing surveys every day. It all adds up and if I casually fill in surveys like I was doing for a year I’d make £281.44. I’m sure that this could be much higher if you were regularly checking and completing surveys but even if you were being a casual survey taker like myself its a nice little addition to a christmas or holiday budget.

Unlike a lot of survey sites you can redeem your money from Qmee instantly to your paypal. I haven’t. Instead I’ve kept it in my account and will grow it to something a little more significant.

Will I keep using it?

Definitely. I’m not saying I’ll religiously use it but its a handy little app to kill some time and its a good platform for surveys. I’m also keeping the browser attachment installed. Again I don’t think i’ll be able to retire off my search terms any time soon but if I gain a little money from searching for something that I would be searching for anyway I really cant complain.

Do you use Qmee or any other survey sites? How do you feel about completing surveys for money? Let me know in the comments down below.

2 thoughts on “Side hustle: Qmee paid surveys and search tool

  1. Claire says:

    This is a great tip! I’ve used a few survey sites in the past, but only really been happy with Valued Opinions and YouGov. Valued Opinions don’t pay cash, but they do pay Amazon vouchers so they’re great for Christmas.


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