Money saving beauty: Learning to DIY your glam

I see so many people getting hair ups and make up done by make up artists for nights out on a regular basis and most of the time they say its because they don’t know how to do it themselves. I completely understand the anxiety around looking your best and not feeling good enough to try to do it yourself but from experience I’ve learned that there are so many talented people online who are sharing their knowledge in a simple, easy to follow way and it can save so much money in the long run.

Sociable glam can add up to an unsociable budget

In the past year I’ve had three hen weekends and three weddings to attend and multiple nights out with friends and work colleagues. I’ve only paid for my hair and make up for one of the weddings/events and it came to £55 in total. If I had my make up done for all three hens and weddings it would have been £330 alone, that’s not even factoring in outfits and gifts then money during them. Being sociable is an expensive hobby as it is and just like there are ways to save money in gifts and outfits it can be done with your glam as well!

If I’m honest the time that I got my hair and makeup done by professionals wasn’t my favorite look out of all the weddings but I think that’s because I have gotten so used to doing my hair and make up the way I like from the things I’ve learned online and with products I like. People have often asked me where I’ve had my hair and make up done for the events and are always surprised when I say I’ve done it myself.

Learn to glam in your pyjamas

I cannot say it enough but I LOVE YouTube and its taught me so much – from make up to financial planning. I am constantly finding new ways to approach things from other peoples wisdom sharing videos. My two all time favorite make-up YouTubers are Jamie Genevieve and Mykie from Glam and Gore.

Jamie is a Scottish make up artist who shares different glam looks with a mix of affordable and luxury products. She is really down to earth and easy to follow and I’ve learned so much from her tutorials. Mykie is a SFX pro and as much as its not something you really need that often she also does some great make up looks that can be worn outwith Halloween, I’m adding her in because she is so entertaining to watch and shows you how to have fun with make up.

For learning through YouTube I’d say search the looks that you want or try and find someone with similar skin troubles or tone that you like and follow along.

You don’t need an expensive kit

I have invested in some good – more expensively priced products for my make up kit over the years but every product has lasted so long and I have been able to justify each purchase within my budget or they have been given as gifts. You don’t need an expensive collection of make up to achieve the same glam as a make up artist though, if you look in their kits they use a mix of products just like everyone else and there are plenty of dupes of higher priced brands that give similar results.

Sleek makeup and Makeup revolution have so many palettes and products that are affordable and make up kit essentials. I will do a run down of whats in my kit with a full budget of what its cost another time.

Do you rely on others to get glam? or do you DIY it? Whats your favorite tips and tricks on being glam on a budget? let me know in the comments below.

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