Budget home: Lessons from Mrs Hinch

I don’t think there was many people in the UK who didn’t hear of Mrs Hinch and her trusty pal Minkeh this summer. The Instagram that Mrs Hinch made to document her cleaning escapades went viral and left many with the urge to have a cleaning spree in their home. Not only did Mrs Hinch inspire us to get our rubber gloves on and get scrubbing, she showed us some lessons that we all should implement into a budget friendly cleaning schedule and home.

Have your own little Narnia

Mrs Hinch came under fire for this a little but her idea is genius. A ‘Narnia’ is her term for her cleaning stash and she has a big one. It may seem unfriendly to your budget stockpiling items rather than just replacing them when they are running out but if you shop the deals and use voucher codes then you save in the long run. Also having a stash that you’ve managed to get bargains in means that when you’re well stocked you don’t have to worry about cleaning products in your monthly shop when you might have to tighten the budget on groceries that month.

Budget CAN be best

There are so many different cleaning products on the market and some of them can be ridiculously priced. Nearly all of the products that Mrs Hinch uses are affordable and can be picked up in bargain shops such as poundland, B&M and home bargains. She does use a wide variety of different products from time to time but you can do most of your everyday cleaning with a few staple items.

Mrs Hinch has also posted about her home decor and if you’ve seen her home decor shots then you know her home is gorgeous. A lot of the decor she has is from primark, B&M and asda showing that you can have a classily styled home without breaking the bank,.

My top 5 from Mrs Hinch’s Shopping List

In the wave of the cleaning craze I actually purchased some of Mrs Hinch recommended products and that woman knows her stuff! I already used a few and from her recommendations added a few to my favourites to buy. My top five products are:

  • Minky M Antibacterial sponge * (£8.99) – This was the item that sold out in shops for weeks. Once I finally managed to get my hands on one I was scared that I would be disappointed – I wasn’t!
  • Citrus fresh Zoflora – 500ml * (£7.89) – Up until a couple of years I only knew zoflora as the name my mum called sephora by accident but now I’m happily a fully fledged convert. Every scent smells amazing but my personal favourite is the citrus fresh. One of my favourite products to clean with to have the house smelling fresh and if you put it into a steam mop its game changing!
  • Flash bathroom with Febreeze * (£1 – half price!) – Having a shower in the family bathroom even with an extractor fan can leave the bathroom smelling a little damp. We’ve gotten into the habit of cleaning the shower and the walls down with this and a karcher glass cleaner and the bathroom always smells fresh and clean!
  • The pink stuff * (£6.76) – A prime example of a staple product that can be used for multiple purposes. I’m a messy cook and this cream cleaner always fixes my sins on the stove.
  • Dettol multi purpose pomegranate cleaning spray* (£6 – half price!) – Before my zoflora addiction my go-to was dettol spray. There’s something that just clicks in my brain when I use it and makes me that my environment is clean and fresh. I love using the pomegranate scented cleaner as again it leaves everywhere smelling lovely!

*Please note that these are affiliate links and if you make a purchase I will receive a small fee. I recommend only products that I have tried, tested and trust.


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