Hello there, how you doing?

and here we go…

My names Morgan, I’m a 26 year old living in Scotland with my parents and my cute little dog Max. I’m employed full time, I have a lovely convertible mini cooper, I go on multiple holidays a year and you’ll never guess what? I’m skint.

It’s week four in a five week pay month and I have a total of £32.64 left in my bank account and a whole £2.11 in my savings account. I think that its safe to say that if you’re reading this you’re probably thinking what I am. That I need to get my act together and be a little more wise with my money. Don’t worry, it’s fine I know! and If instead that you feel my pain and want to sympathize then then that’s fine too, if you fancy you can hop along onto my journey of being more financially savvy 

Pennies make pounds has been born from the idea that the little things add up. I know this statement is true because its all the little nights out, little clothing purchases and little getaways that have put me in this situation.

I have three goals for this little space on the internet:

  1. Document my journey of financial failure into hopefully financial freedom as honestly and openly as I possibly can. If people can take something useful away from sharing the way I did it that would be great.
  2. Give people sound advice and help on getting out of their own personal financial situations because I’ve googled personal finance blogs and how to make a little extra money blogs and the majority I found were thinly veiled posts trying to get affiliate money from sites that wont actually make you money.
  3. Spend enough time working on the blog that I am not spending money on other things… kidding.. kind of. 

The blog is in its infancy and I hopefully will get a nice little posting rhythm up with budget ideas, advice, updates on my journey and the tools I use along the way. I hope you pop in and have a little read and even better share your stories or suggestions of what YOU feel like YOU need to know when it comes to finance and I’ll happily investigate!

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